Potable Water Tubing - Copper Tube Size (CTS)                 


3/4" - 2"

ASTM D2737, AWWA C901

Charter PE 4710 Black CTS pipe is made from rugged PE 4710 resin. It provides outstanding physical performance and is listed with NSF International for use in potable water applications.

This pipe is joined with Stab Fittings or OD compression fittings designed for ASTM D2737 pipe. It is used for water service lines running from the main to the meter

38108 PE4710 CTS-POTABLE Tube Blk

4710 BLACK with Blue Stripes – CTS

¾” – 2”

ASTM D2737, AWWA C901

Charter Plastics Blue Stripe Water Service Tubing is a black pipe with three evenly spaced blue stripes running the length of the pipe. Following the APWA Color Codes, the blue stripes identify that the pipe is used for potable water. This product is made from PE 4710 resins and is listed by NSF as safe for potable water.

ASTM D2737

38108 PE4710 CTS-POTABLE Tube B