M & I Pipe - Iron Pipe Size

PE 3408/4710 - BLACK - IPS

Charter PE 3408/4710 Black IPS pipe is made from high performance PE 4710 resins. It is dual rated PE 3408/4710 and is listed by NSF for potable water applications. It may be installed traditionally via open cut  or "Trenchless" via Horizontal Directional Dilling. For permanent leak free joints, this pipe should be joined with heat fusion. It may also be joined with O.D. Compression type fittings. 

ASTM D3035/AWWA C901 for 1/2" - 3" pipe,  ASTM F714/AWWA C906 for 4" and larger pipe


PE 3408/4710 - BLUE STRIPE - IPS

Charter PE 3408/4710 Blue Stripe IPS pipe is dual rated and made from high performance PE 4710 resin. It is black pipe with three evenly spaced blue stripes that run the entire length of the pipe. The blue stripes provide visual recognition that the pipe is designed for transporting potable water. This pipe may be installed traditionally via open cut or "Trenchless" via Horizontal Directional Drilling. Heat fusion is the preferred joining method. OD Compression fittings are also acceptable.

ASTM D3035/AWWA C901 ASTM F714/AWWA C906