Gas Pipe - Copper Tube Size (CTS) & Iron Pipe Size (IPS)

PE 4710/PE100 - BLACK with 3 Yellow Stripes - CTS & IPS

½” – 1.25” CTS

¾” – 24” IPS

ASTM D2513

Charter PE 4710/PE 100 CTS & IPS pipe is made from a High density PE 4710 resin formulation listed in PPI TR4. The pipe is Black and is color coded for gas with three evenly spaced yellow stripes.

It provides outstanding performance and is used extensively in Natural Gas Service and Distribution lines. It is also approved for use in Propane Gas Distribution.

All Charter Gas Service and Distribution Piping is labeled for gas utilities to comply with the Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP).

The CTS pipe is joined with Stab Fittings or OD compression fittings designed for ASTM D2737/D2513 pipe sizes.

Fusion is the recommended method for joining IPS pipe. Stab or compression fittings designed for ASTM D2513 Pipe sizes may also be used.

All installers of Charter Gas Pipe should be trained in Fusion. This pipe should never be used under the slab or inside the building.

38108 PE4710 & 100 CTS & IPS Gas Pipe